Wk1-Classmate Conversation-Michael Shenouda

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The first meeting of class I got the pleasure of meeting Michael. He is a 4th year studying to become a Veterinarian. He hopes to work with smaller animals as opposed to bigger animals because he doesn’t want to work on farms or places with the bigger animals. Michael loves all types of sports from basketball to football, he enjoys it all. He decided to take this class as a GE but he thinks it is going to be a very fun and enjoyable class. We also chatted about the Plaster activity and how to do it and what not, so now I know I have someone to turn to if I ever need help in this class. I’m glad I was able to talk with him and become friends with such a cool guy like Michael!



Week 15- Extra Credit

Wow has this semester flown by! I must say I’ve really enjoyed taking this class. Although I’m not an art major or a good artist by any means this class made me feel like one at times.

For my 3 top favorite art acitivities they would have to be:

  1. Plaster Casting – I really like this activity because I had alot fun going to the beach and doing this activty. It wasn’t hard to do at all and it was inexpensive and the results were really astonoshing!
  2. Zine/ Flip Books- I really liked this activity because again, it was easy to do in that you didnt have to be a really good drawer or anything and you were still able to create a really good piece of work!
  3. Finger Painting- I also had fun doing this beause it reminded me of my childhood and let me just relax and paint whatever I wanted with my hands.

My 3 least favorite art activites would have to be:

  1. Graffiti Writing- This activity was especially difficult for me just because we had to get the spray paint and it wasn’t that easy to do. It was a fun activity and a good idea but I just found it to be mor difficult for me.
  2. Landscape with a Corpse- The only reason I didn’t enjoy this activity too much was because I don’t like taking photos of myself and this is what we had to do! I really did enjoy looking at other people’s work though.
  3. Art Care Package – This activity wasn’t the worst, I actually really liked it but too make 3, least favorite activities I chose this one, just because finding different materials to mail was kind of difficult.

My thoughts on Slack and WordPress vs. Slack and BeachBoard:

At first I didn’t like it because it was something new and I was so used to BeachBoard. But overtime I became more familiar with it and I actually like the idea of slack. I think future students may find it difficult to use at first like me, but maybe if more professors start to use it too then it’ll catch on. Since there is also an App availabe for slack just like beachboard.


Week 15- Art Activity- Design the Life You Really Want

For this weeks Art Activity I chose 3 possible options for Future Me.

  1. Work as a Speech Language Pathologist. In order to achieve this life I would have to continue to do volunter work then apply to grad school. While attending grad school I would have to continue to work a side job, right now I am a Pharmacy techinician at Walgreens. Once completing grad school I would hopefully be able to find a job as a Speech Pathologist right away so that I can start saving up and living the life I want to live. My aunty is actually a Speech Therapist so she is my rapid prototype, I’ve based my career choice kind of off of her lifestyle. She is able to create her own job schedule, it’s low stress, and makes a good income. She is also able to work with kids which is something I really want to do.
  2. If Speech Pathology were to disappear tomorrow my backup plan would have to be something still applicable to the field since I would have done alot of schooling for it already. I would probably choose something along the lines of Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy. Both of these things still interest me and I would still be happy to carry out any of these careers. I would have to folllow the same path as far as volunteering maintaining a side job while going to grad school. As for a rapid prototype I would say my sister, she is currently in grad school working to become a Occupational Therapist so I can see how much work she has to put in and what her future as an OT may look like.
  3. And the last, if I was financially secure and could be anything I’d want. I would choose to do something more carefree and fun. I would love to travel the world and be a food critic or a food blogger. Two things I really love, food and traveling. If I could combine the two I think it would be something I’d really enjoy and since I’d be financial secure already I wouldn’t have to worry about how much I would be getting paid to do it. For a rapid prototype I don’t know anyone personally who does lives this type of lifestyle but I do frequently watch videos on youtube, internet, tv, etc about people who do this. I feel like they live a really carefree lifestyle and are able to really enjoy what they’re doing.

Week 15- Classmate Conversation- Andrew Vue


For this weeks classmate conversation I had the pleasure of getting to know Andrew Vue. Andrew is currently a senior here at CSULB scheduled to graduate this spring! He is majoring in psychology, more specifically industrial organization psychology, which is psychology in the workplace or satisfaction in the workplace. This is done through different quizzes, online surveys, and one on one meetings. His birthday was this past monday! Besides for school, during his free time you can find him at Hiccups in Long Beach which is where he works. Interestingly enough I have alot of friends who work at Hiccups and who Andrew knows, small world!

Week 14- Art Activity- Sketching in the CSULB Japanese Garden

My experieince sketching at the garden was pretty cool. Alhtough I do not consider myself a good drawer by any means it was fun and relaxing just getting to sit down and sketch some pictures. What made it even more fun was the scenery and just being at the garden, since I don’t go there often this gave me some time and an excuse to do so. I loved getting to spend time there! FullSizeRender-2FullSizeRender-3

Week 14 – Classmate Conversation- Allison David


For this week’s classmate convo I had the pleasure of meeting Allison. Although I had to go out of town for this week’s class period I re-visited the Japanese garden and got to talk with another CSULB student. She is currently a second year here majoring in Health Care Admin. Shes apart of a cultural sorority on campus and enojoys being involved. Allison lives in Cerritos, CA and commutes to school everyday. In her free time she enjoys going to different music festivals, the beach, and hanging out with friends. She hopes to do something in the medical field that will help others because that’s what she enjoys the most!

Week 13- Artist Conversation- Laura Lopez

Artist- Laura Lopez

Gallery- Gatov East

Media- Painting

Laura Lopez is currently in her last year of school studying at CSULB to earn her MFA degree. She moved from Columbia two years ago to Long Beach. Before this she worked for a couple years with her undergrad degree in architecture before deciding she wanted to continue to her education abroad, so she decided to bring herself to SoCal, CSULB.  She chose this because she loved the California weather and the ocean, she wanted a change from the mountains and scenery back home in Columbia.

Her 2 paintings that are in the Gatov East Gallery are of the Amazon jungle. One of them is called “recycled” and is a collage of sketched on cuts of paper and the other one is called “yurari” which is an oil canvas painting. They are both very colorful paintings using colors like pinks, oranges, greens, and blues to depict the vibrancy of the jungle.

Lopez paints the jungle because it’s a place very close to heart, and has been ever since she traveled there when she was 20 years old. Her painting “recycled” comes from the idea that the trees die for a reason, to fertilize the soil and plant seeds for a new life. And the other painting “yurari” comes from the idea of the specialty of the bubbling river. The bubbly river has relations to joy.

I really took to Lopez’s paintings because of their vibrant colors. It really drew my eyes in and made me want to keep coming back to look at it. Her choice of colors and shapes all make it really eyecatching. I personally really love the Amazon river and jungle as well so seeing some beautiful paintings about them made me appreciate her work so much more!


Week 13- Classmate Conversation- Jessie Winslow


This week I had the pleasure of meeting Jessie! This is Jessie’s first year here at CSULB and she is currently undeclared for her major. She is from Downey, CA so she commutes to school. In her free time she really enjoys making short films and doing art! Her favorite food is Italian along with her favorite color being light blue. She loves to shop, and mostly shops at places like PacSun and Brandy Melville. That’s pretty much it for my lovely conversation with Jessie.