Wk3- Artist Conversation-Mimi Haddon

Artist: Mimi Haddon

Exhibition: Mimi Haddon MFA Fiber Art

Media: T-shirt fabric

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov West

Website: http://mimihaddonart.com/home

Instagram: @mimihaddon

Mimi Haddon is a graduate student of California State University Long Beach. She received her degree in MFA Fiber Art, with this degree being the highest level you can achieve in the art field it shows that she has truly put her all into being an artist. Besides for being an artist, her free time consists of offering one day workshops for children in her home studio in Santa Monica, through these workshops she shares her love for textiles, dying, sewing and fiber sculpture. She is interested in the way that indigenous cultures use their native materials to braid, weave, knot, and build structures, which led her to realize that T-shirts are her native material of choice. Her work explores the idea that material does not need to be derived from the earth, but rather can come from something that has served a prior purpose.

Her exhibits consist of different color T- shirt materials, sewn, weaved, and places in different ways. The materials she used to create these exhibits were basically just T-shirt fabric. She uses this because she sees this type of material as “having endless potential to bring color to life in the form of large swathes or tiny cuttings.” Most of her exhibits looked very clean cut to me, everything was perfectly sewn together and straight. Although her exhibit on the floor was not as neatly placed and straight it had more of a relaxed and wave-like feel to it. Nothing seemed out of place, everything was precise and to the point, very organized.

Through this exhibit I think Mimi made it all about color and life. At first she purchased 100 warm tone shirts only but after cutting, sewing, and pulling the fabric it made her see the nuances of the color of each piece. So, she then expanded to more colors of the spectrum. Her main focus of this is the color. She’s now interested in the idea soft structure, and exploring how sewing different pieces together can create structure and reputation and can form directions of their own. She uses inactive objects like the T-shirt to create a voice and a something to be heard and looked at through their colors.

Out of all the exhibits I got to see this week, Mimi’s really attracted and stuck out to me the most. I caught myself going back to her exhibit multiple times after just because I really enjoyed looking at all the pieces of her work. I also really like her idea of native materials, and if I too were to have a native material I feel like I would use T-shirts as well, just because of all the colors and endless designs. I could also say that I connect with her work because I feel like colors can be used to express so many things. From how you are feeling, to your personality, or even how you wear different colors in your clothing. Imagine a world without color, I’m pretty sure that would be the worst sight to see. Color is such a vital part of art I believe, it attracts your eyes to something beautiful. Mimi’s work was truly that.


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