Wk 4-Art Activity- Art Care Package


For my Art Care Package I will be mailing it to my best friend who is 19 years old in La Palma California. I included an old polaroid picture of us, a Daily 49er newspaper, an old concert ticket, a souvenir I got from my trip to Jamaica, a coloring book with some things I colored, a few bracelets from events that I went to, and a container of play dough.

Sending someone an ACP can be similar to sending them a snapchat in that you are sending them something to look at and it can express how you feel, but it is very different in that unlike a snapchat it does not send instantly and it is not just visual, the person will physically have the objects.

I think the ephemera is really precious and valuable. Because it’s something that over time will keep the memory of something that happened long ago. For example the a beaded bracelet from Coachella, in the moment you wouldn’t really care about it that much but over time when you look at it you will think of all the memories you made wearing that bracelet and it will have so much more value than it once did.

The difference between art that is viewed by many compared to art not viewed by that many people is very small in my opinion. They both are art, weather it be a painting in a museum or a painting made by someone at their home, they each can have the potential to be great art, after all the painting in the museum was probably once art viewed by no one at all.

The time and effort it takes to actually mail an ACP to someone brings more meaning to it. Although the convenience of being able to send a snapchat so quickly is probably why not many people use the mail to send pictures or other messages it definitely brings more meaning to it because you have to actually take the time to put everything together and go to the post office to mail it. An ACP is definitely prepared with love, just like how people say prepare a meal with love, its all about the time and effort it took to get it done. People go get a meal at McDonalds because it is fast and easy, but I’m sure it doesn’t taste half as good as a home cooked meal. This is the same for snapchat and ACP’s. The snapchat is good because it is so convenient but receiving an ACP is even better.


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