Wk 4- Artist Conversation- Robert Nehemiah Sanchez

Artist-Robert Nehemiah Sanchez


Media-Wood, Metal, Cardboard, Unprimed tarps

Gallery-Gatov West

Website- N/A

Instagram- @wookieewarrior

Robert Nehemiah Sanchez is a Senior here at CSULB working towards his BFA degree. He grew up in different parts of the suburbs of LA, but he is from Pico Rivera. Besides for being an artist and creating amazing pieces of work his outside interest include music and traveling. Although he said that he doesn’t get much leisure time for music or traveling because as students they always have something to do or work on. His artwork focuses on his detachment with superficiality. He paint in objects that are normally overlooked, scrap pieces that are not found to be beautiful by the public and he transforms them into something completely new!

All of his artwork are on unprimed surfaces meaning that they won’t last a long time especially being on things like wood. Nehemiah painted portraits of people that influenced his detachment from materialism. All of his pieces were very colorful and eye catching he used many different colors of paints to create it. And they were very textured being on different object like wood, very different to a smooth canvas. He chipped on chiseled the wood in different ways so that the outline of the paintings weren’t straight either.

Nehemiah’s work is mainly about the idea that nothing is forever. By talking to him I felt that this was his biggest focus, and the main idea of painting on unprimed canvas’. He said from this he realized the people are temporary and it definitely was an emotional experience for him. He is thinking about the bigger picture of life and expresses that through his artwork, his view on life is that nothing lasts forever, and also you can take something and turn it into something even more beautiful. Everything has potential.

When I first looked at this exhibit I found it very eye catching, but after hearing what Nehemiah had to say about why he painted what he did, it made me like it even more. I really like how he uses unprimed canvas’ to paint on and how he uses things that aren’t beautiful to the public eye. I like this because I think that it is very relatable. Something not beautiful or seen with no potential doesn’t mean another person can’t see it in a different light. And I really felt the passion and genuine-ness inside of Nehemiah, his artwork has meaning and serves a purpose for him. Overall, I really enjoyed seeing and learning about this week artist, Robert Nehemiah Sanchez. img_4170



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