Wk 5-Artist Conversation- Yeri Hwang


Artist- Yeri Hwang

Exhibition-Within Us

Media-light, glass, color

Gallery-Gatov East



CSULB Undergraduate student, Yeri Hwang is currently working towards her degree in Studio Art. She came to CSULB right out of high school. For one of her senior projects in high school she set up her whole art gallery in two weeks. In her free time besides for creating different art pieces and being a student, she likes to write and play video games.

For this piece of her artwork she uses light and different round pieces to create a shadow image reflected on the wall. It is very colorful and the colors are also projected on the wall itself. The circular pieces are arranged in specific ways to create the specific image on the wall. They have some texture to it, with ridges on the insides of the circles.

From listening to Yeri speak what I got from it and what I felt that was on her mind was peace. She said her main motivator is peace, creating her artwork brings a sense of calm and peace to her mind, like her sweet escape. She finds peace in art and she really wants to project this onto other individuals and make them feel the same way.

Yeri’s artwork tells a story, like a narrative. And that is something that really drew me into her work and ideas. There was a specific order to the narrative. I feel like this gave me more of an incentive to look at each piece and see what was being told. Art can tell stories, whether it be just one piece of art like a painting or a sculpture, but Yeri used many different pieces to create on whole narrative. I have never seen a concept like this before and I find it so unique and fascinating!



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