Wk 9-Artist Conversation-David DeSantis


Artist- David DeSantis

Exhibition- Day Dreamer


Gallery- Merlino

David DeSantis has earned a BFA here at CSULB in printmaking. He uses experimentation on both figurative imagery and expressive mark making. He is a very free and creative person and in his free time he enjoys blasting music. He also does this when he is working on a new idea along with staring endlessly out a window or drawing random marks on paper.

For his artwork in this piece, DeSantis uses abstract forms and shapes in various manners to create the piece. He used spontaneous drips and splatters of black and white paint to create this abstract type image.

Throughout his different artwork pieces DeSantis bases his ideas on the beats, rhyhms, and lyrics of the music he listens to. Each pieve has its own idea and is the reptition of one song or a collection of multiple tracks. What DeSantis was thinking of during the time he put together this show all came from his creative state of mind. He likes to give his viewers zero limitations and interpretations. Because his work is all accidental abstract forms and shapes it allows his viewers to interpret it in many different ways.

At first when I viewed his gallery it wasn’t my favorite of all, but after hearing his ideas behind his work I really loved it. I really love how music drives his creative flow because I believe that music plays a big part in everyone’s lives on way or another. Especially for me, music can make a bad day good and a good day bad, it can bring back memories, and create new ones. Music is essential in my life, and I really connected with DeSantis on this level!


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