Week 10- Artist Conversation- Brittany Waters


Artist- Brittany Waters

Exhibition- More than a Sandbox


Gallery- Dutzi

Instagram- @ArbyWaters

Brittany Waters is currently a senior here at Cal State Long Beach, working towards her BFA in ceramics. Waters grew up in Northern California so she wasn’t exposed to the beach or the ocean, rather surrounded by alot of greenery. After moving to Long Beach she found herself really inspired by the ocean and marine life.

For her artwork in this piece she set up 100 baby sea turtles she made by hand with clay. She used real sand, palm tree, and a projected video image of the beach to portray the turtles hatching from their eggs and making their journey into the ocean.

Waters idea and inspiratin behind this exhibit is how the community should clean up their beaches and be more aware of the marine instead of treating it as somewhere to hangout and play. From doing this Long Beach would be able to see more baby sea turtles make their journey to the ocean. She wants us to know that beaches can be more than they are. Her ties to sea turtles come from her trip to Hawaii when she was younger because the sea turtle was the first wild animal she had ever seen.

I personally have a true love for sea turtles. I have alot of family in Hawaii so I have had numerous trips there and have gotten to see a number of turtles myself. I think they are truly something beautiful anf majestic and definitely need to be preserved. So when I first stepped into Waters’ exhibit I already loved it. And the fact that she used an actual seen of real sand etc, made it so much more interesting and fun! I liked how we could actually step into the scene rather than just getting to look at pictures of the turtles journey.


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