Week 11- Artist Conversation- Yujia Gu

IMG_4656Artist- Yujia Gu

Gallery- Dutzi Gallery

Exhibit- Tracing Gun Violence in the USA

Media- Graphic Design

Yujia Gu is currently a graduate student majoring in Graphic Design at CSULB. Originally she is not from America but came here as an international studies student. Her mom did not want her to come here because she had heard of international students getting killed about guns on the news prior to her attending CSULB. Even through these struggles she still came to LB and has been living here for 3 years.

Her exhibit, Tracing Gun Violence in the USA includes mass shootings, information regarding the comparison of gun violence among different countries, the number of children killed by guns since Newton and more. She uses info graphic mapping to present the information whre the gun violence occured in the last 72 hours of the US, including the number of people who were shot everyday.

What I think was on Yujia’s mind when creating this exhibit was her personal experience of coming to CSULB and the struggles she faced with her mom about the gun violence of international students. She wanted to make sure people realize how serious gun violence is and it’s something that cannot be taken lightly. She also wants to encourage people to learn how to use guns safely and properly.

The reason why this was my favorite exhibit among all the exhibits for the week is because I think that this is something informative and relevant to everyones lives today. I personally know that gun violence is a serious thing but I didnt realize the extent of it until seein Yujia’s exhibit. She made it clear how serious it was and how much it affects people’s lives each day which is why I really loved it!



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