Week 12- Artist Conversation- Alice Andreini


Artist- Alice Andreini

Gallery- Gatov East

Exhibit- No Mans Land

Materials- Drawing/ Painting

Alice Andreini is currently a student here at CSULB majoring in MFA drawing and painting. She is going to be graduating in the spring of this year. She always loved painting but she didn’t fully join the art world until she was 48 years old.

In her work for this exhibit, No Mans Land, Alice uses different colors to seduce her audience and draw them into a fantasy of world and truth. She uses the different colors to create an effect of canceling eachother out. She says her work is three dimensional landscapes that work to create depth in the paintings. Her main focus is the colors, using light and dark to bring the paintings to life with different shadows and lightings.

What I think was going through her mind in the process of creating these paintings were fantasy and wonder. Her use and choice of colors give her paintings the feeling of wonder and lust and magic. Like you kind of just get drawn into them, wanting to look deeper.

The reason why I really enjoyed Alice’s gallery is because of the colors she uses. It made me look at each and every piece for a good amount of time because of all the of the different shapes and colors she uses. I just felt a type of like-ness toward her work, I can’t exactly put it in words but I know that I like it because I think it’s very beautiful.


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