Week 13- Artist Conversation- Laura Lopez

Artist- Laura Lopez

Gallery- Gatov East

Media- Painting

Laura Lopez is currently in her last year of school studying at CSULB to earn her MFA degree. She moved from Columbia two years ago to Long Beach. Before this she worked for a couple years with her undergrad degree in architecture before deciding she wanted to continue to her education abroad, so she decided to bring herself to SoCal, CSULB.  She chose this because she loved the California weather and the ocean, she wanted a change from the mountains and scenery back home in Columbia.

Her 2 paintings that are in the Gatov East Gallery are of the Amazon jungle. One of them is called “recycled” and is a collage of sketched on cuts of paper and the other one is called “yurari” which is an oil canvas painting. They are both very colorful paintings using colors like pinks, oranges, greens, and blues to depict the vibrancy of the jungle.

Lopez paints the jungle because it’s a place very close to heart, and has been ever since she traveled there when she was 20 years old. Her painting “recycled” comes from the idea that the trees die for a reason, to fertilize the soil and plant seeds for a new life. And the other painting “yurari” comes from the idea of the specialty of the bubbling river. The bubbly river has relations to joy.

I really took to Lopez’s paintings because of their vibrant colors. It really drew my eyes in and made me want to keep coming back to look at it. Her choice of colors and shapes all make it really eyecatching. I personally really love the Amazon river and jungle as well so seeing some beautiful paintings about them made me appreciate her work so much more!



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