Week 15- Art Activity- Design the Life You Really Want

For this weeks Art Activity I chose 3 possible options for Future Me.

  1. Work as a Speech Language Pathologist. In order to achieve this life I would have to continue to do volunter work then apply to grad school. While attending grad school I would have to continue to work a side job, right now I am a Pharmacy techinician at Walgreens. Once completing grad school I would hopefully be able to find a job as a Speech Pathologist right away so that I can start saving up and living the life I want to live. My aunty is actually a Speech Therapist so she is my rapid prototype, I’ve based my career choice kind of off of her lifestyle. She is able to create her own job schedule, it’s low stress, and makes a good income. She is also able to work with kids which is something I really want to do.
  2. If Speech Pathology were to disappear tomorrow my backup plan would have to be something still applicable to the field since I would have done alot of schooling for it already. I would probably choose something along the lines of Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy. Both of these things still interest me and I would still be happy to carry out any of these careers. I would have to folllow the same path as far as volunteering maintaining a side job while going to grad school. As for a rapid prototype I would say my sister, she is currently in grad school working to become a Occupational Therapist so I can see how much work she has to put in and what her future as an OT may look like.
  3. And the last, if I was financially secure and could be anything I’d want. I would choose to do something more carefree and fun. I would love to travel the world and be a food critic or a food blogger. Two things I really love, food and traveling. If I could combine the two I think it would be something I’d really enjoy and since I’d be financial secure already I wouldn’t have to worry about how much I would be getting paid to do it. For a rapid prototype I don’t know anyone personally who does lives this type of lifestyle but I do frequently watch videos on youtube, internet, tv, etc about people who do this. I feel like they live a really carefree lifestyle and are able to really enjoy what they’re doing.

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