Week 15- Extra Credit

Wow has this semester flown by! I must say I’ve really enjoyed taking this class. Although I’m not an art major or a good artist by any means this class made me feel like one at times.

For my 3 top favorite art acitivities they would have to be:

  1. Plaster Casting – I really like this activity because I had alot fun going to the beach and doing this activty. It wasn’t hard to do at all and it was inexpensive and the results were really astonoshing!
  2. Zine/ Flip Books- I really liked this activity because again, it was easy to do in that you didnt have to be a really good drawer or anything and you were still able to create a really good piece of work!
  3. Finger Painting- I also had fun doing this beause it reminded me of my childhood and let me just relax and paint whatever I wanted with my hands.

My 3 least favorite art activites would have to be:

  1. Graffiti Writing- This activity was especially difficult for me just because we had to get the spray paint and it wasn’t that easy to do. It was a fun activity and a good idea but I just found it to be mor difficult for me.
  2. Landscape with a Corpse- The only reason I didn’t enjoy this activity too much was because I don’t like taking photos of myself and this is what we had to do! I really did enjoy looking at other people’s work though.
  3. Art Care Package – This activity wasn’t the worst, I actually really liked it but too make 3, least favorite activities I chose this one, just because finding different materials to mail was kind of difficult.

My thoughts on Slack and WordPress vs. Slack and BeachBoard:

At first I didn’t like it because it was something new and I was so used to BeachBoard. But overtime I became more familiar with it and I actually like the idea of slack. I think future students may find it difficult to use at first like me, but maybe if more professors start to use it too then it’ll catch on. Since there is also an App availabe for slack just like beachboard.



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