Week 12- Artist Conversation- Alice Andreini


Artist- Alice Andreini

Gallery- Gatov East

Exhibit- No Mans Land

Materials- Drawing/ Painting

Alice Andreini is currently a student here at CSULB majoring in MFA drawing and painting. She is going to be graduating in the spring of this year. She always loved painting but she didn’t fully join the art world until she was 48 years old.

In her work for this exhibit, No Mans Land, Alice uses different colors to seduce her audience and draw them into a fantasy of world and truth. She uses the different colors to create an effect of canceling eachother out. She says her work is three dimensional landscapes that work to create depth in the paintings. Her main focus is the colors, using light and dark to bring the paintings to life with different shadows and lightings.

What I think was going through her mind in the process of creating these paintings were fantasy and wonder. Her use and choice of colors give her paintings the feeling of wonder and lust and magic. Like you kind of just get drawn into them, wanting to look deeper.

The reason why I really enjoyed Alice’s gallery is because of the colors she uses. It made me look at each and every piece for a good amount of time because of all the of the different shapes and colors she uses. I just felt a type of like-ness toward her work, I can’t exactly put it in words but I know that I like it because I think it’s very beautiful.


Week 12- Art Activity- Ethnograhy (Pre Electric Cultures)

For this activity, I though the best place to do this would be at the beach. After all when the sun goes down there is no electricty, just you, the ocean, and stars. I didn’t do this alone, I had a group of friends join me. We were planning to spend the afternoon at the beach anyways so I asked if we can stay late in the night to experience life without electricity. We didnt exatly sleep there until the morning but we did stay there until about 2 a.m. When the sun went down we headed to the lifeguard tower with a bunch of blankets, zero electricity.

At first I thought this experience would be kind of boring, but I knew it would be relaxing at the same time because I was at the beach. Plus adding my friends to it made it more enjoyable. It was pretty easy. We actually had a lot to talk about because we haven’t seen eachother in awhile! We enjoyed eachothers company while eating some snacks and staring at the stars, listening to the sound of the crashing waves. Without electricty you really learn to pay attention to other factors of nature, like sounds and smells which were very apparent at the beach.

I think people who didn’t have electricity before found more time to get to know eachother and be able to have nice deep conversations. They were also probably able to focus on eachother more because they weren’t being distracted by their phones or social media.

My ideal level of life activity and connectivity would be to have the perfect amoudt of social media and interaction with others. By this I mean, have just enough where it can be something I have but not something I need to have 24/7.


Week 11- Artist Conversation- Yujia Gu

IMG_4656Artist- Yujia Gu

Gallery- Dutzi Gallery

Exhibit- Tracing Gun Violence in the USA

Media- Graphic Design

Yujia Gu is currently a graduate student majoring in Graphic Design at CSULB. Originally she is not from America but came here as an international studies student. Her mom did not want her to come here because she had heard of international students getting killed about guns on the news prior to her attending CSULB. Even through these struggles she still came to LB and has been living here for 3 years.

Her exhibit, Tracing Gun Violence in the USA includes mass shootings, information regarding the comparison of gun violence among different countries, the number of children killed by guns since Newton and more. She uses info graphic mapping to present the information whre the gun violence occured in the last 72 hours of the US, including the number of people who were shot everyday.

What I think was on Yujia’s mind when creating this exhibit was her personal experience of coming to CSULB and the struggles she faced with her mom about the gun violence of international students. She wanted to make sure people realize how serious gun violence is and it’s something that cannot be taken lightly. She also wants to encourage people to learn how to use guns safely and properly.

The reason why this was my favorite exhibit among all the exhibits for the week is because I think that this is something informative and relevant to everyones lives today. I personally know that gun violence is a serious thing but I didnt realize the extent of it until seein Yujia’s exhibit. She made it clear how serious it was and how much it affects people’s lives each day which is why I really loved it!


Week 11- Classmate Conversation- Hayley Alvarez

FullSizeRender-1This week I had the pleasure of meeting Hayley! We had to do a 3 way index card for this week with one person we have not met before so I got to meet Hayley. She is currently a first year here at CSULB and is from Seal Beach, CA. She is majoring in Liberal studies and besides for going to school and studying she loves to watch movies, any kind! When asked her favorite food she said pizza but after awhile decided she likes any type of food. Her favorite color is light pink like her nails and instead of shopping in actual stores she choose to shop online at stores like Nordstroms because its more convenient. I’m glad I got to meet Hayley!

Week 10- Art Activity- The Wedge

UnknownScreen Shot 2017-04-09 at 10.08.28 PM

Here I included a before and after of the USU wedge and my idea behind it. The solution? Take out the wedge completely. Why? Because this wedge causes so much traffic build up taking it out completely will cause less of a traffic jam in this area. It will also cause students to take the extra step and walk a little further around the wedge, to get a little bit of extra excercise in for the day! I made this decision because sometimes when I’m late for class I end up becoming even later because I actually take the time to wait to pass through the wedge rather than just walking around it which would probably be alot faster. So this helped me to conclude that a year from now the students probably won’t even care that the wedge was taking out. They will still be able to walk through the USU without the wedge. I feel like it’s just something a little extra that causes students to want to use it because its there and seems more efficient, like a teaser. Lose the wedge, gain more time and efficiency is what I think will do more good for the future students at CSULB.

Week 10- Artist Conversation- Brittany Waters


Artist- Brittany Waters

Exhibition- More than a Sandbox


Gallery- Dutzi

Instagram- @ArbyWaters

Brittany Waters is currently a senior here at Cal State Long Beach, working towards her BFA in ceramics. Waters grew up in Northern California so she wasn’t exposed to the beach or the ocean, rather surrounded by alot of greenery. After moving to Long Beach she found herself really inspired by the ocean and marine life.

For her artwork in this piece she set up 100 baby sea turtles she made by hand with clay. She used real sand, palm tree, and a projected video image of the beach to portray the turtles hatching from their eggs and making their journey into the ocean.

Waters idea and inspiratin behind this exhibit is how the community should clean up their beaches and be more aware of the marine instead of treating it as somewhere to hangout and play. From doing this Long Beach would be able to see more baby sea turtles make their journey to the ocean. She wants us to know that beaches can be more than they are. Her ties to sea turtles come from her trip to Hawaii when she was younger because the sea turtle was the first wild animal she had ever seen.

I personally have a true love for sea turtles. I have alot of family in Hawaii so I have had numerous trips there and have gotten to see a number of turtles myself. I think they are truly something beautiful anf majestic and definitely need to be preserved. So when I first stepped into Waters’ exhibit I already loved it. And the fact that she used an actual seen of real sand etc, made it so much more interesting and fun! I liked how we could actually step into the scene rather than just getting to look at pictures of the turtles journey.